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Client: Version 8.6 | IP Adress: | Server port: 7171 :: GLOBAL GAME :: Invite Your Friends
Last joined us: Siron Darith.
Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player is: Lubie Fete (444). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 1358
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Server info:
Exp stages: 300x-2.5x

PVP Protection: 100 lvl

Skill&Magic: 15x

Loot: 3x

Points on lvls

Cash on levels

21 Jul 2016 - Buy it!
Hello everyone,
I am busy, dont have time so I decide to sell my serwers.
| 8.6| 8.6| 10.9|

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Include everything:
*every files, know-how
* VIP ACCOUNT with all domains, also it is easy to generate new domains for free, cuz its VIP
*login server + data + www 8.6
*login server + data + www 8.6
*login server + data + nice www 10.9, easy to update to the newest tibia client.
*Remere map editor
*Facebook Fanpage 6,887likes, 7,411 post reach this week without Boost Post! People from all the World: SWE,BRAZIL,POLAND,EGYPT etc.
*tutorial how to generate individual promotion premium points codes ( for players and sent it via Facebook or using SMS. Tutorial how to sent sms from PC, very cheap, works in Poland, but if in Your country are no limit SMS Sim Cards it will works too.
*130 coins on

My 8.6 data packs has excelent systems, example: logs with every players talks in game, auto database backup, Active and Afk players system, anti crash system and much much more!

Price? 690 EUR, on first server edition it is easy to earn this money.
You have an idea for the server and enthusiasm to run it? Do not hesitate and take it today!

polish version: Informacja w Języku Polskim

Author -

3 Apr 2016 - Miranda & Hidden Quest
Premiera OTS *Global Game* starts on Sunday 3 Apr 2016 at 6:00 PM (18:00 server time)!
Premiera OTS *Global Game* wystartuje w niedzielę 3 Kwietnia 2016 o 18:00!

→ New Edition has New island called Miranda. You can meet there cool hunting grounds, and hidden Quest. We are waiting for the person who will solve the mystery of this island and collect all the items from the boxes.

→Od dzisiaj dostępna jest nowa wyspa. Spotkasz na niej fajne expowiska, oraz ukryty Quest. Czekamy na osobę która rozwiaże zagadkę tej wyspy i zbierze wszystkie przedmioty ze skrzynek!

→ Don't forget to be online 2h after start if U want to receive extra present↵

→Nie zapomnij być online 2h po starcie jeśli chcesz otrzymać dodatkowy extra prezent!↵

Miranda Screen 1.
Miranda Screen 2.
Miranda Screen 3.
Miranda Screen 4.
Miranda Screen 5.
Miranda Screen 6.

Author -

29 Mar 2016 - New Start Time
Premiera OTS *Global Game* starts on Sunday 3 Apr 2016 at 6:00 PM (18:00 server time). - New start time is caused by Admin absence for a few days etc. During this time we should prepare:
Premiera OTS *Global Game* wystartuje w niedzielę 3 Kwietnia 2016 o 18:00 - Nowy czas startu jest spowodowany nieobecnością Admina przez kilka dni itp.. Przez ten czas przygotujemy:

→3 new Quests↵

→3 nowe Questy↵

→2 new Hunting Grounds↵

→2 nowe expowiska↵

→1 new item↵

→1 nowy przedmiot↵

→new Boss Rooms↵

→nowe Roomy z Bosami↵

All the time you can post your nicknames in the comments to get points to buy Start Item Pack.

Cały czas możecie publikować swoje nicki w komentarzach aby otrzymać na start punkty na Start Item Packa.

Author -

26 Mar 2016 - New GLOBAL GAME
starts on Sundat 3 Apr 2016 at 6:00 PM (18:00 polish time).
starts on Sunday 3 Apr 2016 at 6:00 PM (18:00 server time).

Nowa .:*GLOBAL GAME*:.
startuje w Niedzielę 3 Kwietnia o 18:00 czasu polskiego.

New First Items Start Pack! To get free premium points msg us on Facebook!

Soft Boots for Free! only 10 premium points!

Paladins: Green Star for Free! only 10 premium points!

Mag&Druid: Mithril Wand for Free! only 10 premium points!

Knight: Weapon for Free! only 10 premium points!

Knight: Weapon for Free! only 10 premium points!

Knight: Weapon for Free! only 10 premium points!

a lot of players, all teams together↵bardzo dużo graczy, wszystkie teamy razem
more points to receive on lvl up!więcej punktów do zdobycia podczas awansu lvl!
fixed a lot of reported bugswiele błędów zostało poprawionych
updated Vinera TownUpdate Vinery
better Stamina regenerationlepsza regeneracja Staminy
less monster spawn on some spotsmniejszy spawn potworów na niektórych spotach
new Tasks missionsnowe Task misje
revamped GreenTown, key Quest from 200lvlodnowione GreenTown, Quest na klucz od 200lvl'a
changed exp stages: longer gamezmieniony exp stage: dla dłuższej gry
improved boss rooms in GreenTownulepszone roomy z bosami na GreenTown
spells fixed for guild teamsczary ustawione pod teamy
one of the most polished game engine, having a stability ,no lag, no crashessilnik gry, o wysokiej stabilności, braku lagów, crashy, cofek
anti-ddos protection packagepakiet ochronny anty-ddos
Casino - easy to win cc Casino - jeśli masz szczęście to wygrasz sporo cc
Snake gameSnake game - kultowy snake rodem z telefonów nokii
Bomberman game- say 'bombza' to put a bomb and destroy the barrels and enemies Bomberman game - powiedz 'bombza' aby stawiać bomby i niszczysz beczki oraz przeciwników
A lot of rankings: top guilds, frags... Wiele rankingów: top guilds, frags itd...
Excelent Guild Wars balance:Udogodnienia dla Guild Wars
UE spells are inactive if on the screen are more than 10 players UE jest nieaktywne gdy na ekranie jest więcej niż 10 graczy!
Push and paralize fixed by teams Push i paralize ustalone wg. oczekiwań teamów itp.
trade premium points in a gameMożliwość przesyłania punktów pomiędzy kontami
trade your character on website to earn premium pointsMożliwość handlowania swoimi postaciami poprzez wystawianie ich na aukcje www.
Cast System stream your gameCast System umożliwiający oglądanie gry innych graczy
Motivation to get next lvl: free premium points and CC on special lvl. Great option is making characters only for sell - easy way to earn points to get a lot of items from shop offer!Motywator expienia: darmowe premium punkty i cc wraz z osiągnięciem wymaganego lvla, możliwość expienia nowych postaci tylko pod sprzedaż - umożliwia to grę całkowicie za darmo przy maksymalnym obkupieniu w sms shopie!
and more...!→i wiele wiele więcej...!↵
1 Gbps
Warsaw - Mazowieckie
Tibia 8.6 Download Tibia Loader!
Exp stages: - Super Exp Rate Event coming soon!

Level: 1-39 : 600x / 300x
Level: 40-59 : 300x/ 150x
Level: 60-79 : 200x/ 100x
Level: 80-99 : 100x/ 50x
Level: 100-119 : 50x / 20x
Level: 120-139 : 20x / 15x
Level: 140-159 : 10x / 10x
Level: 160-179 : 5x / 5x
Level: 180-189 : 3x / 3x
Level: 190-249 : 3x / 2.5x
Level: 250-319 : 2x / 2.5x
Level: 320-399 : 2x / 2.5x
Level: 400+ : 2x / 2.5x

PVP Protection:
100 lvl
Skill Rate:
15x - can skill AFK
Magic Level Rate:
Loot Rate:
Frags & skull system
redSkullLength = 1day
blackSkullLength = 2 days
dailyFragsToRedSkull = 15
dailyFragsToBlackSkull = 25
+ ZAO + Farmine + Oken + Gengia + Pyre + Travora
+ Itea + Ithilien + Vinera + PVP Village + Trelis + Razachai + other smaller islands

First Item Start Pack - click
Team Speak 3 Ip:
free lvlup points to sms shop:
100lvl - 10points sms shop
120lvl - 10points sms shop
140lvl - 20points sms shop
160lvl - 30points sms shop
180lvl - 40points sms shop
200lvl - 50points sms shop
220lvl - 100points sms shop
240lvl - 200points sms shop
280lvl - 200points sms shop
320lvl - 200points sms shop
360lvl - 200points sms shop

# Since 2009
# Support 24h
# Contact email:
# Free Pacc
# 1 crystal coins - 50lvl
# 2 crystal coins - 90lvl
# 3 crystal coins - 130lvl
# Balanced vocations
# Great guild wars
# Top Frags
# Professional Mapping
# All Working Potions
# This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is!
YouTube Link-CLick
!go <= change guild outfit
/bg <= to send blue message for whole guild (leaders only)
!changender <= change to male/female, cost 50cc
!online <=how many online players?
!save <=save your character!
!frags <=check frags
!deathlist nick <=check nickname last deaths
!aol <=buy aol
!bless<=buy all bless
!promote <=upgrade to Master/Elder/Royal/Elite
!buyhouse<=house buy (100lvl)
!sellhouse <=house sell
!leavehouse <=house leave
alana sio <=house kick
aleta grav <=house door list
aleta sio <=house quest list
aleta som <=house sub owner list
Cast commands
More infos and tutorials:
Click for more info

Author -

11 Nov 2015 - Facebook News!

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